Mac Adobe After Effects CC 2015 crack

Download and get free Mac Adobe After Effects CC 2015 full version cracked with serials, keygen, and activation code – Mac Adobe After Effects CC 13.5 torrent download.

Mac After Effects CC 2015 seems to be the one to use skills skills necessary for video post-editorial staff. After Effects CC is part of Creative Cloud. That means you have access to all the latest updates and future releases the moment they’re available.

To run After Effects CC 13.5 smoothly in Mac OS X, your system should meet these specifications:

  • CPU: Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon of 64 bits or Multicore Intel processor
  • OS : Mac OS X
  • Ram: 2Gb at least.
  • HDD: At least 1GB of available space in the hard disk for the installation
  • Screen resolution: 1280 x 1024 display with 16-bit video card
  • QuickTime 7.6.6 software required for HTML5 media playback

Get Mac After Effects CC 13.5 Full Version

Step 1: Download Mac After Effects CC 2015 setup

Adobe After Effects CC 2015   (download)
1.31 GB

Step 2: How to crack Adobe After Effects CC 2015 v13.5? 

There are 3 effective ways to activate this software. Remember the internet connection must be disconnected during the whole process.

I, Crack Adobe After Effects CC 13.5 using amtlib.framework file

Download amtlib.framework file here:

Copy Amtlib.Framework then paste as replacement into Contents/Frameworks/(From Finder, Go to Applications, locate and right mouse on the particular software (Adobe Photoshop CS6 for example) choosing Show Package Contents).

Just one example to locate Contents/Frameworks/
Just one example to locate Contents/Frameworks/

II, Crack Adobe After Effects CC 2015 using X-FORCE Adobe CC 2014

X-FORCE Adobe CC 2014 still can be used to get the serial key and offline activation code on Adobe 2015 softwares.

Step 1: Modify the hosts file to block all outgoing connect to Adobe server

– From the Desktop, press Command + Shift + G, type /etc into the field then hit Enter.
– Locate the hosts file, remove all lines that contain “”. For example:

Modify Hosts file– Then press Command + S to save.

Step 2: Launch X-FORCE Adobe CC 2014, get the serial number
Select the right product, then click on Gen. Serial button to get the Serial Number
Select the right product, then click on Gen. Serial button to get the Serial Number
Step 3: Install Adobe Software then get Offline Activation

– Chose Install (not trial) —> Sign in —> Connect later —> Accept —> You now see the field to enter the Serial number (got from the step 2).

Enter Serial number

– Fill the Serial then click on Next to continues installing. (From here, if you encounter any trouble with the serial, that is because you have not modified the hosts file).
– Next, Click on Install then wait for a couple of minutes until the installation is completed.
– Next, Click on Launch Now to run the software —-> Offline Activation —-> Generate Request Code.

Generate Request Code

Step 4: Copy the Offline Activation Request Code

Offline Activation Request Code

Step 5: Paste the Offline Activation Request Code into X-FORCE Adobe CC 2014, get activation code.
get Activation Code
Click on Gen. activation button to get Activation Code
Step 6: Get the After Effects CC 13.5 activated successfully with the Activation code

Successful Offline Activation

III, Using Auto Patcher Adobe CC 2015

To activate all components of the following Mac Adobe CC 2015 Collection including After Effects CC 2015, we can use the same very effective Patch file.

– Launch Auto Patcher

DMG launching password is "osxvn"
DMG launching password is “osxvn

– Click on Patch button

Click on Patch

– Click on Ok to patch using root permission

Patching Adobe 2015 with root permission

– All Adobe applications should be patched successfully using this method

Adobe collection is patched sucessfully

These above are the 3 different method to crack After Effects CC 2015 v13.5 on Mac. Now, before re-connect the internet again, you might need to modify the hosts file to block all outgoing connection from your Mac to Adobe server.

Add these following lines into hosts file:

Adobe server list:

  • 3dns
  • 3dns
  • adobe
  • adobe dns
  • adobe dns
  • activate
  • wwis dubc1
  • activate
  • wwis dubc1
  • and more…

Look at the full Adobe server names list here.

Best luck!

  • ziga

    Thank you so much! Auto Pathcer works 😀

    • It's great to hear it works on you guys. Please spread the article to help the others. Many thanks

  • bunset

    it worked perfect with adobe zii auto patcher. Too patched my premiere cc 2015. Wow

    • It's great to hear it works on you guys. Please spread the article to help the others. Cheers

  • lanner

    hello, how can i have the choice of encode for export the project ? i only have quicktime , jpeg etc, no H264 , avi

  • alhakeem2001

    OK , when I lunched adobe after effect cc on my mac (internet disconnected) I got sign in window , I clicked on sign in later the the app started normally but then it didn't ask me to get the app activated ! Why is that? and should I turn the internet on again ?

    • Faith

      I figured this out. Instead of clicking on sign in or sign in later, click on “Having trouble connecting to the internet?” It is highlighted in blue. Once you do that you can do an offline activation and use xforce to generate an activation code.

      • TOTO

        I have this problem but didn’t have “Having trouble connecting to the internet?” after launch.. HELP ME !

  • Malek Amiri

    It worked well until i activated the internet (i used X-FORCE method)

    • Malek Amiri

      Now it asks me to connect and when i connect it tells i have no membership

  • Thom

    What’s the password for Auto Patcher Adobe CC?

    • deepSoup


  • Olivier Mercier

    I can’t change the host file, even with the autorizations

    • TOTO

      Hi ! did you find the solution ?

      • Olivier Mercier

        Yes, but I’ve still got some issues, every time I connect internet I’ve got an Adobe window opening asking to register

      • Olivier Mercier

        BTW , do you know if there is any way to get the adobe updates? It was possible with the CS5 and CS6

  • Burak


    I downloaded the file install Xforce and get a serial number however, I have a problem about hosts.. I did not see any web site name and IP in hosts file but in the above it is written as “Locate the hosts file, remove all lines that contain “”.”

    How do I overcome this problem? I cannot pass the “serial number” step.

    Please help 🙂

  • Claire

    First thanks a lot for sharing this!!
    I tried all the three methods but still having problem cracking it :(.
    For the amtlib. one it automatically goes to the adobe webpage even I replaced the hosts file.
    For the second one, it works with the internet off, but it shows there is a problem with my license after install and cracking (hosts file modified as well) as long as I reconnect to the internet.
    The third one doesn’t work.
    Is it because I didn’t write the hosts file properly? I have other Adobe software such as Photoshop installed before using similar method.

    Await for help 🙂

    • disqus_TVTj8nG3qr

      how did you change the host i try but it won’t let me?

  • Hanbing Yan

    When I clicked install, it shows”installer failed to initialize”. What should I do?

  • deepSoup

    I was doing fine until a inputed the request code into Keygen, IT keeps telling me its invalid. And I’ve checked extremely carefully that it is identical. Any advice?

  • Gabrielle Inzen

    when i open patcher, it said that disk damaged. i have to eject it. Any solution?

    • HappyOtakulazybum

      i went to my system preferences->security and privacy. Click the lock. Then, go click the option: allow apps downloaded from anywhere.

      • Gabrielle Inzen

        its not that. It said the auto patcher file is damaged and im not allowed to open 🙁

    • same problem for me, did you find a solution??

  • Josh Melody

    When I try and start the patcher, it says “password required”. Can anyone tell me it?

    • deepSoup


  • Yazy Lee

    the amtlib didnt work

    • smooooth

      Same for me. I’m kind of bummed out because of it. I inspected the amtlib and it seemed normal to me, nothing out of the ordinary. I’m at least glad its happening to someone else and not just me. I know this reply is months late, but if possible, can ou link me to where you got a working amtlib? (Assuming you got it to work)

  • disqus_TVTj8nG3qr

    how do you change the host i tried but it won’t let me it creates a copy?

  • Tobenna Ihegborow

    cant find where to download auto patcher here

    • Sarath Dissanayake

      how can i get XFORCE 2014

  • Alexis Campbell

    Thanks man. You saved me a lot of time.