MacOS Sierra Download

Download Mac OS X 10.12 MacOS Sierra.ISO – Download Sierra.DMG installer – Hackintosh – MacOS Sierra Torrent download – Without using Apple Store ID.

MacOS Sierra has been released officially. However, in this topic, we share two methods to download and get MacOS Sierra.DMG, then convert Sierra.DMG to Sierra.ISO (available solutions in both Mac OS X and Windows).

First way, users can obviously download Sierra App from Apple store, then locate where to get the InstallESD.DMG from the installer in Applications folder. Second way, you are able to download MacOS Sierra .DMG using either the direct download link from our server or torrent method without Apple Store.

I did download the original MacOS Sierra from Apple Store, compress then upload it into my my server my-self.


Method 1. Download Sierra.App from Apple Store

Users are officially able to download the final version of MacOS Sierra from the App store here.

MacOS Sierra is being downloaded from Apple Store
MacOS Sierra is being downloaded from Apple Store

Where to get the MacOS – Sierra installer.DMG?

To get the OS X 10.12 – Sierra InstallESD.DMG, go to Application —> right mouse on Sierra —> select Show Package Contents —> Content —>SharedSupport.

MacOS Sierra DMG

Method 2. Download MacOS – Sierra. DMG without Apple Store

  • Direct download link from our server

We have just uploaded the following version at your choice. If you need another particular version, please leave a comment at the end of the topic.

Download Mac OS X Sierra: 10.12.0 |10.12.2 | 10.12.310.12.4 | 10.12.5 |10.12.6 |

  • Download Hackintosh MacOS Sierra

The following DMG file can be used to make a bootable USB on both Mac or Windows (using TransMac) by the specific installation instruction accompanied to install MacOS Sierra on PCs. Before downloading, you need to make sure you have a PC with A CPU (AMD/INTEL) with SSE4.1 Support: Without SSE4.1 Instruction set Sierra won’t run.

Hackintosh   (download)
4.71 GB

At for A Computer/Laptop purchased after the year 2011: Sierra Zone Supports a vast range of Hardware but anyhow Apple dropped support for older Hardware so there is a possibility of Kernel Panics but it doesn’t mean that you can’t run but you have to try yourself.

Due to safety, we do not recommend using torrent method to download the file from any sources.

How to download and get MacOS Sierra.ISO

it’s possible to convert Sierra.DMG to Sierra.ISO in Windows by using PowerISO
Otherwise, this topic would be helpful:

We have just updated the new download of MacOS HighSierra that would be helpful to you.

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    • Thomas C

      You’re a special kind of stupid aren’t you. It clearly tells you the file size upon downloading?!

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    macdrug is always high on drugs


    It is working i upgraded my machine with the zip file, downloaded it by torrent. Download the zip file and extract it in mac with the default archive utility of mac. 🙂

    • Brian Dappa

      Please what password did you use to unzip the file? I downloaded via torrent on windows and when unzipping, it is requesting for password. Thanks

      • Thomas C

        no password either. liars

        • Kwesi Jnr

          Try extracting with 7-Zip, too. Sometimes it works when WInRAR fails.

    • Geeki Review

      buddy i have downloaded the torrent zip file can u guide me how to install sierra on my macbook pro mid 2012

  • Thomas C

    Your brain is corrupt. Troll! Nothing is wrong with the file.

    • Sergio Rede

      is true, the zip file is corrupt,

      • if you download through browser maybe but if torrent . because with browser huge file download maybe network disconnect will miss the chunks .

  • Maulik Rajpara

    zip of torrent is perfectly working .
    but you have to unzip it with mac default utility (i have unzip it with mac in my virtual machine)

  • Mirek Sulek

    Can i upgrade my A1181 10.7 Lion to Sierra this way ? 😀

  • Yunie A

    How can I install Sierra on my hackIntosh I was running Yosemite

  • Reziel Nascot

    It took so long to download the file. Could you provide google drive link?

  • abc123

    file is corrupt. downloaded via torrent. 7zip gets to 512/718 files before stopping

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    zip file is corrupt especially in torrent . InstallESD.dmg also corrupt. pls help us to fix

    • We have just updated the new file with new direct download link. We do not recommend using Torrent at all due to unsafe problem.

      • Faris Nafis

        is there no way to unzip the file on windows?

  • Sandeep Reddy

    Zipfile corrupted in windows

  • Mohammed Ehab

    I think it’s a particular update not the whole copy, it’s only 1.4 GB are you sure ?

    • It’s the update, the original one is 4.4 GB which I’m downloading.

  • Ahmed Salah

    Here to confirm that the torrent is fine and the downloaded ZIP decompress just fine under OSX using default utility.

  • Vikky Vicky

    is this works of hackintosh yosemite

  • Shahnawaz Saba
    • Waqas Saleem

      is this working.?

    • New file with direct download link was updated, do not use Torrent method 🙂

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    how to make bootable usb using this torrent for recovery of macbook on windows?

  • pacosxm

    Thanks… I use your torrent link and everything goes right.

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    It just took my 5 hours, but finally I get it worked. Thanks.

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    Why don’t you warn people it should be extracted on Mac @@

    • New file was compressed in Windows, check the new download link

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        1 Day 15 hours 24 minutes 53 seconds. DA FUQ!?!?!?!

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    Thanks for this torrent, can you please let me know how to make this bootable pen drive to clean install.

  • Matthias Rommeswinkel

    honestly, first I was surprised by some negative comments here, but now I really appreciate this share. I am quite experienced Linux user and just try to find a way to reinstall a MacBook for a friend in Phlippines at the moment. Internet connection is slow, I dont know how long it took to download the file via torrent, but finally i get the job done and am able to work.

    • Leandro Brandão

      I am having the same problem now. My friend’s macbook is stuck on internet recovery. Would you let give some basic steps to reinstall the OS?

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    Thanks for this tutorial.

    • Please make sure you downloaded the file completely buddy.

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    Great post.

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    my file is downloaded but seeding is not complete how can i solve this issue?

    • The torrent file was removed. New file with new direct download link updated.

  • Grégory Menard

    In windows 10, when i extract with Winrar, he says : corrupt archive and when i extract with 7Zip, the process block… 🙁
    Have you got an issue ?
    My macbook doesn’t start…

    • That’s the old file, and you should extract the compressed file under Mac OS X. However, the new file was compressed under Windows. CHECK The new download link.

  • We have just updated the new File and new download link 🙂

  • You can not extract the file in windows, do it in a Mac. However, we have just updated new file and new download link that you can handle everything in your Windows.

  • someusername143

    could you make a download link that doesn’t take me an entire day to download ?
    and also where is the torrent alternative ?

  • Nobody

    Will this work if I extract it on windows and use a drive to install it on Macbook?

  • Mack Doggs

    Link is dead. Too bad. I can’t find 10.12 anywhere.

  • Phillip De Rossi

    “Install macOS Sierra .zip” is confirmed working, but ! MUST only be unzipped on a Mac!, it will not unzip on Windows and will give you errors. Unzip it on a Mac only.

    • Faris Nafis

      is there no way to unzip the file on windows?

      • Phillip De Rossi

        No, the way it’s been zipped (by the guy that uploaded it) only works on Mac, you could unzip it on a Mac and save it on a Windows machine for next time you want it, save unzipping again.

        • Faris Nafis

          I have a mac, but I need to send it to my friend who has a Windows (who lives across the world). and he is experiencing the corrupt archive error
          What is the best way to do that?

          • Phillip De Rossi

            1. If your friend has access to a Mac, get him to unzip it on a Mac.

            2. If you have access to Windows, unzip it on your Mac and re zip/compress it on windows with 7zip (or any other zip program) and sent it to him.

            3. You unzip it and send the unzipped file to him but that will be larger data size.

          • Faris Nafis

            If I do option 2, will the file be unzippable on both mac and windows then?

          • Phillip De Rossi

            Yes, just unzip the contents of “Install macOS Sierra .zip” on your Mac and then copy the contents to a Windows machine and zip/compress the extracted contents yourself on a Windows machine, you will be creating your own zip of the contents so it will unzip on Windows and mac.

          • Faris Nafis

            Awesome, this whole situation could have been avoided if the OP just posted a link with a file zipped on Windows so it can open on both OS -.-

          • Phillip De Rossi

            Ha yes it would have saved a lot of messing around for quite a few people. 🙂

          • Faris Nafis

            Do you happen to have a download link for the Windows compatible version?

          • Phillip De Rossi

            No sorry, I had to unzip on a Mac.

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    I downloaded the file got the iso but is there a way to get the dmg