Download manger for Mac – Folx vs iGetter vs Jdownloader vs Leech vs Mipony vs Flareget Pro

There are several download managers for Mac: Folx Pro, iGetter, Leech, Mipony, and Flareget Pro are paid software. Jdownloader seems to be the only Free app we should consider. Which one is the best? Look at the following comparison table in very specific details. We compare the main features of each application as well as do a real test to see which app returns back the highest downloading speed.

Folx Pro vs iGetter vs Flareget Pro vs Jdownloader vs Leech vs Mipony – 2017

  • Product
  • Smart & Nice Interface
  • Support for Apple's Retina displays
  • Splitting of downloads in up to ten threads
  • Scheduling the downloads
  • Auto-resuming of downloads
  • Automatic catching of downloads
  • Plugin for catching downloads in popular Mac OS browsers
  • Speed control
  • iTunes Integration
  • Torrent client
  • Spotlight integration
  • YouTube Video Download
  • Trial
  • Downloading speed Test on El Capitan.DMG (6.6 GB)
  • Folx Pro 4.2
  • Magnet links support
    Search for torrents directly from the application
  • Search for downloaded files on your hard disk
  • Just copy Youtube URL into "Quick Add" field
  • 15-day
  • 1.21 MB/s
  • iGetter 2.9
  • Only for the fonts
  • Segmented (accelerated) downloading
  • Can not set speed limits on each download item
  • Need external extension to catch the link
  • 504 Kb/s
  • Flareget Pro 4.3
  • Download is split into segments
  • One click flash video download from Youtube is supported for all the browsers.
  • 445 Kb/s
  • Jdownloader 2
  • Free
  • Probably does not work in El Capitan
  • Leech 2.2
  • Does not work
  • Mipony 1.4
  • Free
  • 508 Kb/s

Folx Pro 5 comes with more functions relative to the rest. In the same working condition (the same targeted file and the same stable internet connection on my Macbook Pro), Folx Pro 5 returned the highest downloading speed.

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Real downloading speed test Proofs:

Folx Pro speed test
Folx Pro downloading speed test
iGetter downloading speed test
iGetter downloading speed test
Flareget Pro downloading speed test
Flareget Pro downloading speed test
Mipony downloading speed test
Mipony downloading speed test

Hopefully, my review would be helpful.